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The official website of Dr. Farouq Al-Zurba

  • Dr Farouq Al-Zurba is a Family Medicine Consultant, Medical Director and Adviser in Quality Management and International Accreditation.
  • Dr Farouq has 40 years of clinical and administrative experience in the Palestine, Bahrain and UAE. Moreover, he has deep academic experience as he served as a trainer and lecturer at the College of Health Sciences, Family Physician Residency Program (FPRP), Arab Gulf University (AGU) in Bahrain and Dubai Medical College in UAE.
  • Dr Zurba’s special clinical interest lies is in diabetes and Wellness Promotion; whereas his administrative interest is in leadership, Total Quality Management and healthcare facility accreditation.
  • Dr Zurba has a profound experience in Government Excellence Programs, National Identity Competition, Organisational Self-Assessment and Individual Performance Plans.
  • Dr Zurba obtained his M.B.B.S. in 1974 from King Edward Medical College, Lahore, Punjab University; and in 1984, he was certified as Family Physician by the American University of Beirut.
  • Dr Zurba, after working 5 years in Nablus, his home town, first in hospital and then in the community, has shifted to the Kingdom of Bahrain where he was appointed as a primary care physician in 1979. His career progressed well and fast as he was soon held the position of the physician in-charge of various health centres across the country.  Overtime, his responsibilities and roles included a wider spectrum in the Primary Health Care Sector touching the clinical field, ports health, administration, quality management and strategy planning.
  • Dr Zurba’s interest in primary health care has been further explored and strengthened by his research in minor surgery, psychiatry and notably into diabetes. His efforts and contribution in this area has been recognised by his appointment as the Chairman of the Arab Group for the Study of Diabetes and to the Editorial Board of their journal.
  • He has worked tirelessly to disseminate information through his work in publication and conference planning. He was instrumental in starting Update Primary Health Care Journal and has acted as Chief Editor since its inception in 1985. He has published numerous works both for the profession and the public. On the side, he is interested in audio-visuals and computer graphic design as well.
  • In 2005, Dr Zurba moved on to Dubai Health Authority where he was appointed as the Director of Quality & Organisational Excellence.  He was responsible for the quality management, risk management, process management, performance measurement, clinical auditing and quality training. Moreover, among the main responsibilities, he looked after the prevention and control of infection, customers’ relations, strategy planning, clinical governance, excellence programs and aaccreditation.
  • His interest in Multimedia Graphic Programmes and Home page design; and served as senior advisor and consultant in United States Air force Academy in Colorado for Multi Median Centre for 4 years.